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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sofrito? 

To us, it’s everything.  But technically, it’s when you take diced aromatic vegetables like onions, garlic and bell peppers, alongside herbs and spices like oregano and cumin, and carefully cook them in extra virgin olive oil.  After fifteen minutes or so, you have sofrito.  It’s rich, packed with flavor and nutrients, and ready to season everything from lobster tails to braised flank steak to, of course, beans.  

Are your products Non GMO, Gluten Free, and Vegan?

Yes, yes, and yes.


Who is FILLO?

Our dad. He was nicknamed FILLO as a kid in Cuba—something that stuck to this day.  In some Spanish dialects it means “son,” and so, as his sons, we thought it was a good name for the brand. 

How do you pronounce FILLO?

However you’d like.   But we always hear “Fee-yose!"

Where are you sold?

Check out our store locator.  You'll find us just about everywhere in the United States.  If you have a favorite grocery store that doesn’t carry FILLO’S, tell the store manager what they’re missing.  

Why "Americas Made"?

We are Cuban-Panamanian Americans, with extended family from Mexico and Puerto Rico. While our products are made in the United States, our brand is inspired by the common aspects found in many foods from all over the Americas. 

What is your shipping and return policy?

Our shipping policy can be found here: Shipping Policy

Our refund policy can be found here: Refund Policy