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In the Bag

Throughout much of Mexico, weddings tend to go late—like five-in-the-morning late.  And given all the dancing, it’s not surprising that something warm and satisfying appears for bleary-eyed guests sometime before the sun comes up.  Anything goes: elotes, chilaquiles, or, our personal favorite, the walking taco—a bag of tortilla chips unceremoniously split open and doused with all sorts of toppings, from beans to cheese, salsa and crema.

A particularly festive wedding in Monterrey a few years ago inspired the version you see here—a sort of reversed walking taco.  It begins with any FILLO'S variety, opened, warmed and crammed with whatever toppings catch your eye: tortilla chips, chicharrones, salsa, avocado, cotija—hell, barbecue a chicken and throw it on top.  There are no wrong decisions here. 

You’re going to need a long spoon and a fistful of napkins, but, really, nothing could be less demanding—five in the morning or otherwise.