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About FILLO'S and Contact

     Every family meal we enjoyed as kids had a bowl of beans seasoned with sofrito— vegetables, spices, and herbs cooked in olive oil.  Our dad, nicknamed FILLO, taught us that sofrito beans were a part of his own childhood in Cuba, and that while humble in origin, they’re packed with flavor and nutrients.
     The problem is, scratch-cooking them takes time—something neither my brother and I had much of as we began families of our own.  We realized there must be millions just like us, who long for a taste of home but need convenience.
     We went to work in our kitchens, and later a partner plant, and soon had clean-label, shelf-stable sofrito beans full of sabor.  We turned our efforts to other traditional dishes, and today offer a line of ready-to-eat meals seasoned with sofrito—where it all began.  
Daniel and Antonio Caballero.