About Us

My brother and I are Cuban-Panamanian Americans, with extended family from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States.  We started our company because some of the beloved Latin American foods from our childhood weren’t readily available.  Our goal was to introduce a bold new product line that would offer something authentic to the broadest possible audience.  In 2016 we did just that with FILLO'S, the first name in premium sofrito beans.  

We value authenticity and convenience equally, and refuse to sacrifice either.  Our beans are shelf-stable and ready-to-serve, but we use only fresh vegetables, olive oil, beans, water and spices.  We are dedicated to keeping our labels clean and our products packed with nutrition. 

-Daniel Caballero

Social Mission

The Chicagoland area has been our home for most of our lives.  Growing up in a family that made consumer packaged goods its business, we have witnessed first hand the most pressing local food issues.

We donate a percentage of our inventory to the Northern Illinois Food Depository annually. 

In addition, we are forging partnerships in the Chicagoland area to help address the local food desert issue with our nutritious and shelf-stable products.


Daniel Caballero Co-founder and President

Daniel is an entrepreneur with years of experience in the food industry.  He launched FILLO'S in 2016 to provide families and working professionals of all backgrounds with a nutritious, bold, and convenient Latin American product.  The product line has since expanded in distribution and offering, and continues to grow.  Daniel loves spending time with his family and friends, from Chicago to Miami to Panama.

Antonio Caballero Co-founder and VP of Operations

Antonio and Daniel have worked together in the food industry for many years, where Antonio was responsible for the operations of a 600-plus employee food manufacturing company.  Antonio also recognized a need for better, Latin American dishes that refuse to sacrifice flavor or convenience.  In his free time, Antonio loves spending time with family, recording house music, and listening to El Gran Combo.

Ferdinand Kuznik, Creative Director

Ferdinand has a background in finance, design and Architecture.  He was intrigued by the challenge presented him by Daniel—to design a vessel for shelf-stable beans.  When they settled on the pouch format, Ferdinand knew he had found his canvas, and went to work creating a product that felt both premium and accessible.  Ferdinand can be found exploring Europe in his free time.  

Frederick Schlatter, Communications Director

Fred spent many years writing about food, restaurants and nightlife for local Chicago and national media.  He also has a culinary degree, restaurant, catering and recipe development experience.  When approached with the initial concept for FILLO'S, he immediately saw the potential and began work with Daniel on R&D and crafting the brand’s tone and feel.  Fred loves visiting family in Europe and Mexico.  


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