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Squash Waste

You know what to do with the seeds (chili-powder roasted pepitas, duh), but have you ever wondered what to do with all those jack-o-lantern scraps?  Answer: tacos.  Simply trim the strands and skin, toss in a pan with a few swirls of olive oil and a few shakes of the MÁGICO of your choice.  Pop the pan in the oven at 375 degrees for fifteen minutes or until tender.  Pass a few tortillas over a pan, and heat a pouch or two of FILLO’S Sofrito Beans in the microwave (we like Cuban Black Beans for the Halloween black/orange effect).  Assemble the tacos and garnish with fresh cilantro, onion and cotija.  Oh, and if you have a few of those aforementioned pepitas around add them for crunch.  Poof: food waste guilt gone.

Pumpkin and FILLO'S Sofrito Bean Tacos