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It's The Sheet

This whole sheet pan craze is odd: how did people roast, bake and broil stuff before sheet pan recipes became popular?  Isn’t that what sheet pans are for—you know, cooking stuff?

Take these simple nachos.  There’s no better vessel than a sheet pan for ensuring the chips, beans and cheese get even heat, and the large surface area prevents sogginess.  Plus, sheet pans are ideal for serving finger foods to families or small groups.  

There’s no real recipe here.  Just spread the chips evenly and don’t be shy with the FILLO’S and cheese.  Oaxaca works well, but Monterey Jack or cheddar are fine too.  Pop the pan in a ripping oven for a few minutes, and once everything is hot and melted, top with fresh cilantro, pico-de-gallo and a couple diced avocados.